Enterprise Recon 2.6.0


This section describes how to create a virtual machine on a VMware ESXi server with the vSphere client and install ER2 on it.


Create a New Virtual Machine

  1. Connect to VMware ESXi 6.5 using the VMware Host Client.
  2. In the Navigator pane, click on Host.
  3. Click on Create/Register VM to open the New virtual machine wizard.
    Click Create/Register VM in the VMware Host Client to create a new virtual machine.
  4. On the Select creation type page, select Create a new virtual machine and click Next.
  5. On the Select a name and guest OS page, provide a meaningful Name for the virtual machine. Fill in the following fields and click Next:
    1. Compatibility: ESXi 6.5 virtual machine
    2. Guest OS family: Linux
    3. Guest OS version: CentOS 7 (64-bit)

    Configure the name, compatibility, Guest OS and version of the virtual machine in the "Select a name and guest OS" page.

  6. On the Select storage page, select the destination storage for the virtual machine and click Next.
  7. On the Customize settings page, do the following and click Next:
    1. Memory: Enter the memory to be allocated for the virtual machine.
    2. Hard disk 1: Enter the disk size for the virtual machine.
    3. Network Adapter 1: Select VM Network and select the Connect checkbox.
    4. CD/DVD Drive 1: Select the ER2 ISO file and select the Connect checkbox to automatically connect the CD/DVD drive at power on.

    Configure the memory, hard disk, network adapter and CD/DVD drive of the virtual machine in the "Customize settings" page.

  8. On the Ready to complete page, review the configuration settings for the virtual machine. Click Finish to complete the setup.

Install ER2 on the Virtual Machine

  1. Open the VMware Host Client, select the new virtual machine from the Navigator > Virtual Machines pane.
  2. Click the Power on button to start the virtual machine.
  3. Follow the instructions to Run the Installer.