Enterprise Recon 2.1

Low-Disk-Space (Degraded) Mode

When 85% of total disk capacity on the Master Server is used, the Master Server stops the data store and enters low disk space mode. This is to avoid data store corruption due to insufficient free disk space on the Master Server.

While in low disk space mode:

  • Users cannot log into the Web Console.
  • Scans continue to run on Target hosts, but the scan results are not sent back to the Master Server. Instead, the results are saved to a journal, and stored until the Master Server becomes available.

While in low disk space mode, the Master Server checks the amount of disk space used:

  • Every 10 minutes.
  • When the Master Server starts up.

The Master Server will stay in low disk space mode until it detects that only 70% of total disk capacity is used on the Master Server.