Enterprise Recon 2.1

Scan Trace Logs

The Scan Trace Log is a log of scan activity for scans on a Target. To capture a scan trace, enable it when scheduling a scan. See Start a Scan.

To view the Scan Trace Logs for a Target:

  1. Log into the ER2 Web Console.
  2. Go to the Targets page.

  3. Expand the group your Target resides in.

  4. Hover over the Target and click on the gear Enterprise Recon 2.1 options gear icon. icon.
    View or save the Scan Trace Logs for a selected Target in the Targets page.
  5. Select View Scan Trace Logs from the drop-down menu.

In the Scan Trace Log page, you can view all the scan trace logs for the Target.

  • Click Save to save the trace log as a text or CSV file.
  • Click View to view the trace log in the Scan Trace Log Detail page.
  • To delete trace logs, select the trace logs to delete and click Remove. View or save the Scan Trace Log of a specific scan for a Target.